September 20, 2020

Angry parents and teachers vent frustrations about virtual learning failures at first Miami-Dade School Board meeting

Members of the Miami-Dade School Board received an earful on Wednesday about the K12 failure and the chaos that has been the first two weeks of school.

Some parents were livid and allowed their frustrations to be heard.

At the first full board meeting since Miami-Dade’s virtual learning meltdown and subsequent finger pointing, there are lots of decisions to be made.

But before they could get down to business, the first five hours of the meeting was all public venting and unloading.

Parents and teachers let it fly at the virtual meeting, using  words like “disaster” and even “injustice” to describe a roster of issues with the $15 million no-bid platform K12  that proved inaccessible, untenable and unusable districtwide for students from kindergarten to twelfth grade countywide, leaving teachers to scramble for a way to provide effective virtual learning in this time of COVID-19.

Those parents and teachers want answers, and some want heads to roll.

“Show cause why should the board members not be put on unpaid administrative leave along with the superintendent,” said parents Mayra Joli. “Show cause why the complete board should not be dismantled for malfeasance.”

Four of the nine board members added emergency items to the agenda this week, called “good cause” items, from ditching the K12 platform to demanding accountability, though none will likely come up before late Wednesday night.

Teachers have been told to expect decisions about the platform Friday, meaning they’ll have an unpaid work weekend.

“I really wish you could make a decision by Wednesday so we can have lesson plans created for students for Monday,” said teacher Alicia Thompson.

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