H-1B: Apple gets ‘immigration scheme’ whistleblower lawsuit thrown out — for now

The lawsuit’s claims were inflammatory: that Apple “schemed” and “conspired” with controversial Indian outsourcing firm Infosys to bring trainers into the U.S. in an illegal and fraudulent maneuver to get around the expense and difficulty of obtaining H-1B visas. On Tuesday, Apple and Infosys scored a victory. Judge Lucy Koh of the U.S. District Court […]

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Angry publishers and resigned advertisers: Facebook’s facing an ‘untimely black eye’ following an ad fraud lawsuit

A group of small advertisers dubbed LLE One have filed a complaint against Facebook alleging that the company knew about a video measurement mistake a year before reporting it to advertisers. The lawsuit claims that Facebook inflated a metric measuring time spent by 150% to 900% in 2016, up from the 60% to 80% it […]


Police: Student gunman kills 19 at school in Crimea

By Vladimir Isachenkov and Nataliya Vasilyeva | Associated Press MOSCOW — An 18-year-old student strode into his vocational school in Crimea, a hoodie covering his blond hair, then pulled out a shotgun and opened fire on Wednesday, killing 19 students and wounding more than 50 others before killing himself. It wasn’t clear what prompted Vladislav […]