September 20, 2020

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City: Who are These Women?!?

The real housewives of salt lake city

Let’s face it:

Orange County is SO yesterday.

New York City is more like Old York City.

Beverly Hills? How abot BeverlyBuzzKills!

With a handful of Real Housewives franchises growing a little bit stale, Bravo is getting set to introduce The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City on November 11, 2020.

According to the official Bravo synopsis, this is what fans can expect from the program:

“Fueled by multi-million-dollar business and brands, a hidden social circle of successful women have created their own paradise in the majestic mountains of Utah.”

So… who comprises this social circle? And what can viewers expect from Season 1?

Scroll down to find out!

1. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Here they are, folks. Are you ready to meet The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City on Bravo?

2. Jen Shah

According to the official Bravo press release: As a Tongan and Hawaiian growing up in Salt Lake City, Jen Shah felt like she often stuck out in her traditionally white, Mormon world. When she learned about the historical mistreatment of black people in the Mormon religion, she converted from Mormonism to Islam. A mom of two with her husband, Sharrieff, Jen is the queen of her house and her businesses as the CEO of three marketing companies. Always decked out in designer brands, Jen loves to host parties and spares no expense — it’s important to her that everyone knows she is the best host in Utah. With an extravagant personality and sharp tongue, she can go from 0 to 100 very quickly but usually comes back with apologies and love. But it’s not always fun and games for Jen with this group of women when she quickly finds herself at the center of the drama.

  Ask Amy: We were embarrassed at his big birthday party. Now he’s having another.

3. Meredith Marks

“Meredith Marks is a celebrity jewelry designer with a store on Main Street in Park City. Jewish and married for over 25 years, Meredith and her husband Seth have hit a rough patch and with their kids in college, she is faced with being an empty nester for the first time in her life. An ice queen with a knack for partying, Meredith is often out on the social circle alongside Jen and Lisa, who love to buy her jewelry — even the rings off her fingers. Meredith appears to have it all but when rumors begin to swirl, she must decide if she wants to turn to her girlfriends for support or suffer in silence.”

4. Whitney Rose

“A descendant of ‘Mormon Royalty,’ Whitney Rose has been trying her best to navigate life outside of the religion for over a decade. She left the church after she fell madly in love with her boss, Justin, and the two had an affair. Within weeks, they both left their spouses to be with each other and got married when Whitney found out she was pregnant.  Married for 10 years, they have two children – Bobbi and Brooks – and she owns a skin care line called Iris and Beau. Now, she is faced with parenting her father who is dealing with his own struggles and depends on her for everything.  And just when it seems like society is finally beginning to accept her 10-year-marriage, scandalous rumors about her progressive relationship start to swirl.”

5. Heather Gay

“A devout …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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