September 21, 2020

Katie Holmes was seen out on a wine-drinking date with chef Emilio Vitolo

Katie Holmes beats the heat in a strapless top while handling some errands in SoHo

People have some very odd theories about Katie Holmes’ love life post-Tom Cruise. Katie left Tom Cruise in 2012 in what seemed (at the time) like a near-military-level withdrawal from hostile territory. Katie learned a lot from the Cruise mess, especially when it came to guarding her privacy. She basically dated Jamie Foxx in almost complete secrecy for years and years. Some people theorized that she wasn’t “allowed” to be seen with Foxx as part of her divorce agreement. I think she just wants to present a bland public persona so people will stay out of her business. Anyway, Katie and Jamie broke up last year. It wasn’t a huge story because most people didn’t even know the state of their relationship before that breakup. Still, I wasn’t expecting Katie to be seen on a very public date in the middle of a pandemic!

Katie Holmes Has Wine Date with Mystery Man in NYC

— TMZ (@TMZ) September 4, 2020

You might say “oh, that’s not a date,” but look at her face. That’s totally a date! The dude she’s with is Emilio Vitolo. He’s a New York chef who works at Emilio’s Ballato. They were having wine outdoors at Antique Garage. He’s 33 years old (she’s 41) and he’s a cutie! So is this really happening or are they “just friends” or whatever? Again, judging from the photos alone, this was a real date – look how smiley she is, how flirty she looks. Good for her! She deserves to go out with cute guys and get flirty over wine.

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He’s got a “Joseph Gordon Levitt, but Italian” vibe.

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Man About Town Trowback

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