September 20, 2020

Houston brewery shares perfect beer pairings with local restaurant dishes

Nothing goes better with a humid Houston day than an ice cold beer, but do you know what foods go best with your brews? For a belated celebration of National Beer Lover’s Day (September 7), 8th Wonder Brewery President and Co-founder Ryan Soroka shares some insight into the art of beer pairing with delicious dishes from local restaurants.

From hoppy IPA’s to dark creamy stouts, beer offers a diverse range of styles to please every palette. Much like wine, some brews complement certain flavors in food better than others. Soroka partnered with local restaurants Vinny’s, Rodeo Goat and Jax Grill to present three beer and food pairings for Houstonians to try.


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On the “Mondayest” Thursday ever a cold Dome Faux’m paired with a tasty meal from @eatsieboys is calling your name. . Wonder World is open for normal hours today which includes @8thwonderspirits opening up at 5pm. . #8thwonder #fermentedfun #houstonbeer #drinklocal #dayafterchristmas

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Food pairing: Vinny’s Bacon Sausage Pizza

Beer tasting notes: There’s a common misconception that cream ales are creamy, but this pre-Prohibition style brew is light, crisp & easy-drinking

Dish ingredients: Underbelly Pork & Bacon Sausage, black pepper, Parmesan sauce, mozzarella, provolone, parsley, chives and Korean red pepper

Why it works: You can never go wrong with beer and pizza, but the cream ale complements the meat and the heat on this slice perfectly


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Thirsty? TEX has your back. This tasty 120 calorie blonde is here to quench. Snag some curbside or pick some up at your nearest grocery store or beer shop. @tex_beer #8thWonder #TEX #LowCalorie #Blonde #Beer

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Food pairing: Rodeo Goat’s Marvin Zindler Burger

Beer tasting notes: Smooth and satisfying blonde ale that’s light and low-calorie

Dish ingredients: Applewood smoked bacon, beefsteak tomato, jalapeños, lettuce, fried onion, cheddar, pickle chutney and BBQ sauce

Why it works: This burger is jam packed with flavors, and blondes go great with all as they complement sweet, hot and spicy foods


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I am Cougar Paw… Hear me ROAR! Fresh Cougar Paw 🐾 cans available at WonderWorld. Pair with some @eatsieboys for dinner and that’s a nearly purrrr-fect evening.

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Food pairing: Jax Grill’s Southwestern Bowl

Beer …read more

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