September 20, 2020

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After: Jess Caroline DUMPS Colt Johnson

Colt johnson explains the situation of his own making

Last week, Jess confronted Colt about sending dick pics to a whole bunch of women — who then tattled on him to Jess.

In Season 5, Episode 14, Colt also comes clean to Jess about Vanessa moving in. It’s the final straw.

Jess meets up with Larissa for the first time ever.

Elizabeth’s family confronts Andrei with what they knew, and he admits that if he hadn’t left Moldova years ago, he might be in jail now.

Michael tries to calm Angela after her latest verbally abusive temper tantrum.

Paul tries the worst tactic ever to impress Karine with America and it backfires spectacularly.

Kalani tries one last-ditch effort to save her marriage to Asuelu.

And Tania and Syngin sit down with his family to talk about whether their marriage is making them miserable.

1. Colt Johnson and Jess Caroline

Colt is finally admitting how much he screwed up his relationship with Jess. He lied to her again and again. He reached out to other women. Oh, and he sent a bunch of women pictures of his dong. We don’t know how many women … but eight of them tattled to Jess.

2. It gets worse!

Jess knew about the dick pics. She did not know that Colt is now LIVING with his “friend,” Vanessa, the one whose continued friendship with Colt raised red flags for Jess. Remember, one of his biggest lies was faking texts that he allegedly sent to Vanessa to end their friendship. He did nothing of the sort, but just lied to Jess so that he could keep banging her — and filming with her.

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3. Jess wants him to cut the BS

Vanessa may sleep in the third bedroom, officially, but this is a massive betrayal of Jess’ trust. And the fact that he didn’t tell her before she arrived to Vegas tells Jess that Colt knew that he knew that she’d break up with him for good once she found out.

4. Jess can’t trust him

Looking at who he is and his track record, she points out, he’s the kind of guy who sends his dong to strangers on the internet.

5. He’s a horny guy

If he’s going to do this while still “trying” to make a relationship with Jess, is he really going to turn down sex with Vanessa?

6. Nope!

Jess’ predictions are not inaccurate — Colt reportedly cheated on a later girlfriend with Vanessa.

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