January 27, 2020

Letter: The question 8M SF Bay-Delta residents should ask right now

Newsom runs state water
policy, not Westlands

Nope. Sorry, Westlands Water District. The Mercury News got it exactly right in the editorial titled “Newsom is being played by Big Ag on Delta water” (Opinion section, Mercurynews.com, Dec. 29) when it said: “The question now is whether Newsom will capitulate again to agriculture interests by backing down on his promise of a lawsuit to block the federal government’s planned increase of Delta water diversions.”

That’s a question all 8 million San Francisco Bay-Delta residents should ask right now.

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We need to remind Newsom that Westlands Water District does not run California water policy, the Newsom administration does.

Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla
Executive Director
Restore the Delta

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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