February 20, 2020

Letter: So Sunol bears 100% of bond but only has 20% of students?

Sunol bears 100% of bond,
has about 20% of students

Re: “Vote for 4 of 5 East Bay school bond, er, tax measures” (Editorial, Eastbaytimes.com, Jan. 12)

As a former school board member who presided over the rebuilding of the Sunol Glen School in 1998, I strongly oppose Measure O.

In 1998, the majority of the 200 students were from Sunol and the community was happy to fund the construction. Now about 80% of the 300 students are from outside districts, yet Sunol residents alone are being asked to shoulder the entirety of the $9.5M bond, before we have even paid off the original 1999 bond.

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The total cost to Sunol is nearly $20M over the 35-year life of the bond. Annually, Sunol will pay an average $553,000 with only about 60 students in the school

Robert Chisholm

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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