February 22, 2020

Letter: How exactly did Trump, his ancestors make this nation great?

Did Trump, his ancestors
make this nation great?

I laughed out loud during President Trump’s State of the Union address when he spoke about “our” ancestors making this the great country that it is.

Only Trump’s father was born in America and he was the first generation of his family to do so.

Trump and his father were sued by the Department of Justice in 1973 because they refused to rent their apartments to people of color. There were court filings in 33 different states because Trump refused to pay what some business owners said Trump companies owed them.

The defunct Trump University settled a $25-million lawsuit because of its fraudulent practices. The Trump Foundation was forced to dissolve because of its misuse of funds collected in the name of charity and Trump was fined $2 million.

The list goes on.

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So, please tell me how Trump and his ancestors have done anything to better America.

Nancy Czosek

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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