February 20, 2020

Letter: Did Democratic senators vote their conscience?

Did Democratic senators
vote their conscience?

Re: “Salute Romney for voting his oath, his conscience” (Letter to the editor, Feb. 11):

This letter-writer thinks the recent acquittal of President Trump shows that Mitt Romney is the “only … senator of integrity” in the entire Republican Party, as demonstrated by his guilty vote on one of the two impeachment articles.

He noted that Romney was the “only Republican to have the courage to vote according to his conscience and who did not goose step fearfully in tandem with the rest of his party.”

It’s interesting that 100% of the Democratic senators voted in favor of conviction. The statistical odds are not good that all of these senators were truly voting according to their conscience. You’d think there might be at least a few Democratic senators whose conscience told them to vote no — but of course none did.

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Can you spell “goose step”? At least there were three in the House who voted against one or both of the articles of impeachment.

Mike Heller

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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