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5 Space Pioneer Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Space Pioneer Tips

Strafing. Shooting. Upgrading. Building.

Space Pioneer mixes up all those elements into one of the most addictive mobile top-down shooters. As a lone spaceman, you’ll navigate the galaxy and blast all the alien baddies that want to consume you. Besides gunning down vicious alien life, you’ll also get the chance to improve upon your gear, construct your own space base, and complete a multitude of tough missions. Your galactic trials will be easier to complete with our essential tips guide in tow.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Space Pioneer:

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1. Never Stop Moving! And Always Bring a Health Pack With You

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• As soon as you step foot on any alien planet, start moving and never stop! Pay attention to the arrow icon on the ground – it’ll lead you to your main objective. On the way there, you’re bound to run into a flood of alien wildlife that isn’t too fond of you. Strafe around your enemies and tap on the icon that lets you shoot your equipped firearm. Don’t just hold your finger over it – you’ll end up overheating your gun more often and leave yourself defenseless.

• Your space avatar will always have access to a primary weapon and three pieces of gear. Before you hop onto a new planet, you’ll want to make sure you equip the gear that works best for you. It’s always smart to bring a Health Pack along on every mission – it’ll save you more often than not, especially when you run into boss encounters. Besides the Health Pack, you can choose to equip two extra items out of this lineup – the Frag Grenade, Gun Turret, Strafe, Minefield, and Orbital Strike. During the early stages of the game, the Frag Grenade and Gun Turret are extremely helpful. Once you hit Level 15 and unlock the Orbital Strike assist, equip it from that point forward.

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• During Event missions, you’ll notice that you’ll get special damage boosters for certain weapons. So make sure you check out the info panel for these mission types – that way, you’ll know which weapon to arm yourself with. Use the right equipment and you’ll walk away from Event missions with the best type of reward every time!

2. Complete Every Objective (Especially the Side Ones)

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• Of course you’ll need to complete the main mission of every planet you inhabit. But always make sure you check off the side objectives, too. Chances are you’ll run into more enemies to kill, which means you’ll be rewarded with more coins. And completing side objectives help you level up more once a mission’s done, which gives you a chest full of even more goods!

3. Stay on Top of Your Upgrades

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• In the very first tip of this guide, we mentioned each piece of gear you’ll unlock and add to your current arsenal. Besides Gear, your …read more

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