April 6, 2020

Letter: Without paid sick leave for workers, San Jose risks a lot

Without paid sick leave for
workers, San Jose risks a lot

No resident of San Jose should ever have to choose between their physical health and keeping their job. In the midst of the life-threatening COVID-19 outbreak, the San Jose City Council decided to delay community efforts to pass a paid sick leave ordinance that would protect all employees in our community from being forced to make this unfair decision.

As both a college student at SJSU and a proud resident of San Jose, I highly value protecting the quality of life for my neighbors, friends and family. Without paid sick leave, families are forced to continue risking their health just to ensure their access to basic human needs.

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It is time to demand that large corporations start protecting their employees, not their pockets. I am hopeful that at the next opportunity the San Jose City Council will make the right decision to support the sick pay leave ordinance and protect our community before it’s too late.

Kiley Stokes
San Jose

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Source:: The Mercury News – Health


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