March 28, 2020

Letter: Some Bay Area workers need a doctor’s note to stay home?

Some firms want doctor’s
note for staff sick days?

It’s very clear driving around the Bay Area that we are not doing anywhere near enough to address coronavirus.

As of March 13, kids were still in school, companies were still having employees come to work. And yet we are faced with a global pandemic of a virus that is contagious before it is symptomatic and testable, and our response is … business as usual?

Too many workers in this area know how deeply frowned-upon taking a sick day is; some corporations are requiring a sick note from a doctor to stay home at this crucial moment.

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Staying the course and going to work and school is grossly irresponsible and will lead to thousands of deaths in the region. Corporate managers, business leaders and community leaders wake up: Business as usual is going to kill thousands of people, and that blood will be on your hands for failing to respond appropriately.

Mathew Clark


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Source:: The Mercury News – Health


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