February 23, 2020

Prince William is the ‘logical’ one, he ‘doesn’t let things get to him, like Harry does’

Prince William, Catherine, Prince Charles and his wife Britain's Camilla, during their visit to the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre

I still can’t get over the “happy generations” photo-op between Prince Charles and Prince William earlier this week, at the joint appearance between the Cambridges and Charles and Camilla. After years of acting like a brooding malcontent over his heir status, William has really been leaning into the Future King William narrative. It started happening as soon as you-know-who came around. That was when Future King and Future Queen started appearing across the royal coverage, and that’s when another narrative started happening: Harry is the emotional, high-strung, impulsive one and William is the wise, thoughtful, logical one. Here, put a bow on it:

Still dealing with the fallout — in their own ways. Prince William and Prince Harry have “different coping mechanisms,” a source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly.

“Harry’s more sensitive and emotional than William – he takes everything so personally. He can be rather impulsive at times,” the source says. “Harry wants the world to know that no one should suffer in silence, which is why he opened up about [his late mother] Princess Diana and going to therapy.” According to the source, William, 37, is “a more logical thinker.”

“He doesn’t let things get to him, like Harry does. That’s not to say William has a heart of steel — he’s actually an incredibly loving and kind man, he just has a different way of dealing with emotions and is more level-headed than his brother,” the source explains. “If William has a problem, he’ll talk to Kate about it. William confides in her about everything.”

According to the source, the two brothers, who confirmed their falling out in October 2019, have only spoken “a couple times” about “business matters” after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decision made headlines last month. While Harry seeks professional help, he also refers to Meghan, 38, as “his rock,” per the source.

“She knows everything about her husband and is constantly advising him,” the source tells Us. “He first opened up to Meghan about the trauma he went through dealing with his mom’s death shortly after they met – it was during their trip to Africa.”

[From Us Weekly]

For what it’s worth, I do think Harry is “the emotional one,” the traumatized one, the one who’s dealt with a lot of sh-t in therapy. The one who thought he was doing better, only to have old traumas come back to haunt him when he got married and had a baby and had to watch as his wife was bullied and smeared and targeted by the media and by his own family. William is… different. For a lot of reasons, many of which I’ve already said a million times. As for this piece… I don’t think William confides in Kate or uses her as his rock or anything. I do think William confides in Carole Middleton though, so… that’s something.

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Source:: Cele|bitchy


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