February 22, 2020

Watch Klay Thompson try to nail carnival basketball hoops


Even world class shooter, Klay Thompson, misses on mini hoops pic.twitter.com/99kisB81fM

— Chris Montano (@gswchris) February 11, 2020

There is no doubt Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson is desperate to get back on the court. Over the past few months we’ve seen him shooting around at Warriors’ practices and even the neighborhood park court. And of course, Klay is not going to pass up a carnival hoops challenge.

The NBA All-Star went one for four in the clip with his girlfriend actress Laura Harrier looking on. No reason to lose face, however. According to the book Carnival Fraud 101, carnival rims are sometimes smaller or have other irregularities that can make one of the greatest shooters in NBA history miss.

Guess Klay will have to wait until possibly next season after his ACL fully heals to get some real hoops action.

Klay shooting on a Clippers hoop in a park.

(Via Klay’s IG stories.) pic.twitter.com/2El4NyZUzJ

— Ali Thanawalla (@Ali_Thanawalla) January 7, 2020

#HeadbandKlay gettin’ up some pregame shots pic.twitter.com/2eBKyv05Pd

— NBCSAuthentic (@NBCSAuthentic) January 17, 2020

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Source:: The Mercury News – Sports


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