January 27, 2020

Letter: Rent-controlled housing won’t be demolished under SB 50

Housing bill can show all
that smart land use works

Re: “Sen. Scott Wiener makes changes to controversial housing bill” (Mercurynews.com, Jan. 6):

SB 50 provides California with the unique opportunity ramp up housing construction while simultaneously cutting greenhouse gas emissions by promoting development close to public transit.

Contrary to what anti-growth advocates say, this bill would not allow for the demolition of any existing rent-controlled housing stock, nor would it “bulldoze” existing communities; it would simply allow property owners to up-zone their buildings.

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SB 50 is a chance for California to prove to the world how smart land use can lead to equitable, sustainable and rapid growth.

Abhinav Ganesh
San Jose

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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