December 6, 2019

Letter: Politicians totally fail with Pleasant Hill homeless

Politicians totally fail in
taking care of homeless

Open letter to California politicians: You have been a complete and total failure in taking care of the homeless.

They are all over Pleasant Hill, building campfires next to my house, totally ignoring traffic signals, stripping naked on the sidewalks, leaving piles of unsanitary trash here and in all our cities.

You have had many years to take care of these people and get them off the streets, but they are not only still there, they are increasing in numbers. The excuse is that it’s not illegal to be homeless, but it should be.

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These people have mental health issues and drug addictions. I know volunteers that spend enormous amounts of time trying to help them, but the problem is too immense. Taking care of these people is government’s prime purpose. And you have failed.

Al Keyes
Pleasant Hill

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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