February 22, 2020

Letter: Ordinary courtesies hold families, nations together

Ordinary courtesies hold
families, nations together

At the start of the State of the Union address last week, President Trump pointedly turned away from Nancy Pelosi’s offer to shake hands.

In a belated response an hour or so later, Pelosi tore up a printed version of the speech.

Seen on national television, neither of these discourteous, spiteful gestures, offers benefit to the rest of us.

Families are held together and grow strong through ordinary courtesies. So are neighborhoods and nations. Without them, we risk creating discord, separation and pain.

I have learned that courtesy is the antidote to stress as well as the source of well-being, confidence and peace of mind. When our leaders — political or otherwise — act without courtesy, we are not obliged to follow.

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Caring people will be led by their inherent sense of what is vital in human relationships. They will not be indifferent to how they treat others.

Les Kaye
Kannon Do Zen Center
Mountain View

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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