Letter: Don’t rethink emergency policies mid-emergency

Rethink emergency policies
when need isn’t pressing

Re: “Editorial: Trump’s tweet on wildfire relief shows true heartlessness” (Mercurynews.com, Jan. 9):

Mr. Trump’s latest reported plans to withhold federal dollars from California in criticism of the state’s fire strategy is so childish in its (non) reasoning that it borders on disbelief.

Now, when the need is so patent, is not the time to posture. Emergencies are generally attended to in swift manner in order to grapple with the problem at hand as well as to defer non-action. The palaver can (and will) come later.

The predictable modification of emergency policies should be approached when the need is not pressing and when calm reflection will again appear.

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Why do I remember my long classroom experience as an elementary school teacher when the very young students would impulsively voice their emotional reactions in protest, only to be followed in calmer moments by more thoughtful reflections?

Vilma Pallette
Santa Clara

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Source:: The Mercury News – Politics


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