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Victoria Lopyreva, Fedor Smolov’s Ex-Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Fedor Smolov and Victoria Lopyreva are both playing key roles in the 2018 World Cup, but not in the way they expected a few years ago. The couple got married in 2013, but ended up divorcing in 2015. Smolov is playing the star role for the Russian national team as the host country looks to make a deep World Cup run. Lopyreva is a World Cup ambassador for Russia, ensuring that the country puts its best foot forward as the entire world watches. Lopyreva explained to WWD that she and Smolov are still on good terms despite the breakup.

“They are such nice guys to be friends with, but not to marry,” Lopyreva told WWD. “But sometimes God has his own plan. We have good relations and I miss his parents a lot.”

As for Smolov, he had been linked to model Miranda Shelia, but the two no longer appear to be dating. There are rumors that Smolov could have a new girlfriend, Sofia Nikitchuk, but the soccer star has not commented publicly on these rumors. For now, Smolov is focused on making sure Russia makes a great impression during the World Cup as he detailed in The Players’ Tribune essay.

It will be my first World Cup, and also Russia’s first time hosting. I want as many people as possible to visit Russia during the tournament. I want them to see that it is as modern a country as any, a place where people are welcoming and kindhearted…

With pride comes responsibility, too. We want to do our best, as a country, to put on a good tournament and welcome the world here. At its best, the World Cup, like the Olympics, is not only about sport. It is a beautiful opportunity — for one month every four years — to remember that we are all neighbors. Football is truly the world’s game, something most of us share in common. And when 32 countries compete here this summer, they will not be 32 governments or 32 companies. No, they will be 32 teams — representing millions of people.

Learn more about the former couple.

1. Smolov & Lopyreva Divorced in 2015

GettyRussia’s forward Feodor Smolov was once married to Victoria Lopyreva.

According to Trestars, the couple began dating in 2012, and got married in 2013 at a lavish wedding in Bali. Things did not go as expected, and the couple divorced in 2015. Smolov’s mother, Irina Smolova, explained to Trestars that it was a difficult breakup, and distance played a role in the decision.

I can not say, of course, but maybe they just were not able to save their relationship. For Fedor it was hard enough: I think, he loved her. Maybe at some point the distance played a role: Fedor in training at the training camp, Victoria is making a career – she is a TV presenter and fashion model, she is a successful, in high demand, it also requires a lot …read more

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