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People say a vitamin company owned by YouTuber Tati Westbrook is ignoring customers who haven’t received their orders and want refunds

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YouTube star Tati Westbrook is widely known for her weekly videos about makeup and beauty products.
Westbrook is also the CEO and founder of Halo Beauty, a vitamin-supplement company that sells products that claim to help customers grow strong hair, nails, and skin.
People on Twitter and Instagram say they haven’t received orders from Halo Beauty months after making a purchase, and that the brand is unresponsive over emails and social media.
Halo Beauty previously saw an influx of orders after Westbrook became embroiled in a public feud with fellow YouTuber James Charles.
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In addition to being a YouTube beauty vlogger with more than nine million subscribers, Tati Westbrook is also the founder and CEO of a vitamin company called Halo Beauty.

Westbrook’s brand launched in February 2018 and sells three types of vitamin supplements at the time of writing. Its products promise desirable results, like glowing skin and reduced stress, and have proven to be popular among a wide audience. However, the brand has also been widely criticized, as many feel its products are a scam.

Now, some people on social media say they haven’t received orders from Halo Beauty months after making a purchase from the brand. Others have also accused Westbrook and her team of ignoring emails and social media messages from customers.

People on social media are questioning why they haven’t received vitamins they say they’ve ordered from Halo Beauty

Recently, many people on Twitter have said they purchased Halo Beauty vitamins months ago, but have yet to receive them.

Others have also accused Westbrook and her brand of ignoring its customers over email and social media.

Well I would if I ever receive my order!

I placed an order in MAY, we are in JULY and still nothing. I emailed – I tweeted – I dm’ed – I already sent an email to the Alex guy but NOTHING! At this point, please REFUND ME. I am done waiting.

— eyetiste (@eyetiste) July 10, 2019

SAME HERE! EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME. I’m just fed up at this point. I spent so much and no delivery after two going on three months?! I want my money back.

— Mikaera Surajbali (@mikaeras1) July 11, 2019

@HaloBeauty May I have a refund since it’s been over a month and no product !!!

— Amy (@Amy091816) July 11, 2019

I am still waiting on my 2 bottles of the Her Multivitamins that I never received in my original order! I got confirmation on June 24th but still have not gotten tracking!

— Tina Schill (@TinaLovesJoe) July 10, 2019

Is Tati even aware of what’s happening? I am surprised that she’s not addressing these issues.

— Connie Grosskinsky (@connieg74) July 11, 2019

A representative for Halo Beauty responded to a customer about the issue on Instagram

Halo Beauty shared a photo of its original vitamins, the “Hair, Skin, and Nails …read more

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