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Andrew Coyne: I, for one, would welcome our new world parliament overlords

This week’s populist panic concerns a plot to impose a world government on Canada. I’m just kidding, of course: populists are in a panic about that every week. Only this time they can point to an actual proposal — albeit one that has zero chance of ever being enacted.

It’s called the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly. You can find their website here. As the name suggests, the proposal is to supplement the current United Nations apparatus, made up as it is entirely of the appointees of member governments, with an elected assembly — one that “will directly represent the world’s citizens and not governments.”

To my knowledge no government on the face of the earth supports such a plan, for precisely that reason: armed with the democratic legitimacy popular elections confer, a UNPA would soon seek the powers that go with it. As the campaign’s website explains, “in the long run, once its members are all democratically elected, the assembly could be developed into a world parliament which — under certain conditions and in conjunction with the UN General Assembly — may be able to adopt universally binding regulations.”

Could, may, long run, under certain conditions: in other words, never. The only way this could ever happen would be if all of the world’s governments agreed it should, and even then it would likely be about as toothless as — well, think of how little power the European Parliament has, then dilute it by about 100. But someone said it on a website, so you never know.

The idea — world federalism — is not new, and neither is the campaign: it has been kicking around for several years, driven more by the enthusiasm of the handful of utopian idealists behind it than by any actual prospect of success. In that time, however, it has collected the support of individual parliamentarians in a number of countries, including several dozen current and former MPs in Canada. Most are Liberals and New Democrats, together with a smattering of Red Tories. Among the signatories: one Justin Trudeau, MP, who apparently endorsed the proposal in 2010.

Cue the hysteria, courtesy of Maxime Bernier, leader of the increasingly nutty People’s Party of Canada. Which means, on current form, the Conservatives will be asking about it in Parliament next.

“Our Prime Minister supports a campaign for the establishment of a World Parliament that could impose binding laws and regulations on Canada,” Bernier said in a Thursday tweet, one of several posted before and since. “This is not a conspiracy theory invented by paranoid anti-globalists,” he explained in another. Then, just to underline the non-conspiratorial, non-paranoid nature of his argument, he hit the caps lock key: “IS HE LOYAL TO CANADA OR LOYAL TO A FUTURE WORLD GOVERNMENT THAT WILL DESTROY CANADA?”

2/ This is not a conspiracy theory invented by paranoid anti-globalists. The Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly is an international network that includes influential supporters of “global governance” everywhere.

— Maxime Bernier …read more

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