February 23, 2020

Letter: The Tri-Valley needs someone exactly like this

Green is an engineer, just
what the Tri-Valley needs

If you care about the quality of the water you drink, and bathe in, vote for Laurene Green.

This critical election to fill three seats on the Zone 7 Water Agency Board of Directors will determine your family’s water future.

Zone 7 is the body that provides water to much of the Tri-Valley. It’s time to bring some fresh scientific solutions to this board that has control of the treatment methods used to filter and “purify” water, the rates charged and how this precious resource is protected from contamination.

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Board members must have more than a basic understanding of the water cycle and cost-cutting plans to effectively protect our water and provide for the health of the Tri-Valley. That’s why it’s critical that you vote for one candidate in this election: Laurene Green. Her scientific perspective, background as a professional water resources civil engineer is what we need on Zone 7.

Paulette Salisbury

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Source:: The Mercury News – Health


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